About Me

Hello mama, I’m Mommy K.

Well, actually it’s Kyzie but my name can be quite confusing to pronounce, so just call me K. 😂

Living here in Australia for 3 years with minimal help and 8 years of experience as the eldest and as the family’s servitor back in the Philippines has equipped me with enough knowledge and experience of the advantages and disadvantages of managing a household. It’s a never-ending and tedious job and it can be so overwhelming and stressful making it impossible for one person to do it all.

With that experience, I now share tips and tools that have helped me get out the stressed, overwhelmed and burnout cycle of modern motherhood- with the hope of creating a better life even just for one struggling mama out there.

My mission is to help Filipina moms simplify their lives so they can create more time for themselves and their own goals.

My story

As a first-time mom, I struggled mentally; I was constantly stressed and overwhelmed due to the mental load of managing our household. I also burnt myself out trying to do everything at the house while also taking care of my baby.

I came to a point in my mom life where I felt like I had no control over my life anymore, I had no time for myself & kept thinking “hanggang ganito nalang ba ako?

After a year, I finally felt like myself again- but stronger.

The reason I created mothernize is to share what I’ve learned throughout the years. I also use this platform to share tips & free planners with Filipina moms who are in need of a helping hand. If you are a mom struggling right now, I understand. I was once like you. And If I was able to take my time, confidence & life back together, you can too! YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Know that you are capable of creating your best life, Mama. Click the “Explore” button below cos I have lots of free tools to help you make it happen.

Nice to meet you.