DIY Magnetic Cleaning Planner



Can’t keep up with housechores? Plan your cleaning routine a week in advance with this free DIY magnetic planner!


  • daily tasks section
  • occasional tasks section
  • monday-sunday tasks section

This can help you;

  • feel less overwhelmed
  • get on top of your cleaning schedule
  • maximize your time by categorizing your cleaning schedule per day (ex. monday – bathroon, tuesday – bedroom) and not spend an entire day cleaning

Instruction on how you can use this as a DIY Fridge Magnetic Planner:

  1. Print the cleaning planner template (blank version).
  2. Laminate it.
  3. Stick some magnetic tape on the back (in a rectangle shape) to give more support.
  4. Write, erase and use it as long as you like. What you need: Whiteboard marker & wipes/rug to clean.

You can also plan once and type in your cleaning schedule before laminating.


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