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Are you a busy mom? Do you feel like there’s so much to do in a day? or maybe you feel overwhelmed whenever you allocate an hour or a day to do things for yourself or around the house? Whatever the reason is you might tend to waste that precious time doing less or nothing at all. I get it, we tend to procrastinate whenever there’s too much on our plate. Reduce overwhelmed for free with this daily planner.


  • top 3 priorities section
  • schedule for the day section
  • today’s to-do list
  • track water intake
  • section to plan today’s self-care or movement
  • don’t forget section
  • for tomorrow’s tasks

This will help you;

  • feel less overwhelm by planning your day in detail
  • schedule your top priorities for the day & stop spending too much time on the things that don’t move the needle
  • make use of your time wisely
  • plan daily self-care/movement
  • track your daily water intake
  • daily schedule & to-do list to plan the day in detail
  • eliminate over-commitment through the “for tomorrow’s tasks” section


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