DIY Magnetic Monthly Planner



This DIY Magnetic monthly planner is perfect for moms who need help with keeping track of the bills and their family’s schedules and appointments. This is also perfect for scheduling joy in your month too, this can be date night or family movie night!


  • Monthly overview

This can help you;

  • communicate plans with everyone in your house
  • share the mental load of having to remember all the due dates or bills
  • feel less overwhelmed
  • create more mental space
  • feel less stress

Instruction on how you can use this as a DIY Fridge Magnetic Planner:

  1. Print the monthly planner template (blank version).
  2. Laminate it.
  3. Stick some magnetic tape on the back (in a rectangle shape) to give more support.
  4. Write, erase and use it as long as you like. What you need: Whiteboard marker & wipes/rug to clean.


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